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The rFactor Lexus mod features an amazing car and lots of fun
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rFactor features a wide range of vehicles whose engine has been modified. However, few "mod" vehicles come with such level of detail as the Lexus IS F. Why is it so good? Because of the fact that it was made by ISI themselves (the creators of rFactor).

The Lexus "mod" was originally created for Lexus, but together with the car, ISI created a modified version of rFactor for the SEMA 2007 show. In SEMA 2007, the people from Lexus were passing out the CD in their booth, that is why the car itself has a great amount of details, including the interior. Afterwards, an rFactor fan named Dr. RF got hold of the CD and ported it into normal rFactor, releasing it at rFactor Central.

The car itself is also great to drive - you get a very responsive feel (for a road car) even when driving in race tracks. Even if it is not made for racing, the Lexus is a fast car, and will keep you focused on your driving. The main issue with this car is that the gears are wrong, and obviously they do not match those in the real car. The reason is that the ISI version was originally released with eight gears, while rFactor handles only seven. In any case, if you want to drive a fun car while feeling luxurious, download this mod.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great car modelling


  • The gears of the car do not match those in the real one
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